by Bloodlines

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released November 9, 2013

Recorded at Tonal Recording Studios



all rights reserved


Bloodlines Brownsville, Texas

Formerly called Seeds of Hope. Hardcore band from Brownsville, Texas. Twitter/Instagram - @BloodlinesTexas


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Track Name: 17 Kings
I've had enough of your offerings
They mean nothing to me
Who told you it's alright to curse my name
Don't set foot in my house again, your lighted candles disgust me
I cannot tolerate these pretentious assemblies with injustice
I hate your celebrations to the depth of my being
They are a burden that I get tired of bearing
When you call to me, I will look away
You scream false prayers until you're blue in the face
But I will not listen
Your hands are stained with the blood of the innocent
But our God is a God who saves, though your sins are black as coal, they can be turned white as snow
Track Name: Brotherhood
Blood does not make us family, it was the loyalty, honor and trust that made us kin, but what happened?
Now all of its lost (Now all of its lost) you threw it away
You threw it away, whatever happened to brotherhood?
Whatever happened to brothers in arms?
The devil tempted you, and you took the bait
What happened to all the values you preached on (hypocrite) were they just words to you?
No one will ever believe a word that you say
You're forgiven but nothing's the same
Nothing's the same
This is brotherhood
Brotherhood x2
Your deception has blinded you, crippled you and made you lame
You're still our brother in our hearts, even though we're strangers in the same room
I wish for you the best, I wish for you the best
Track Name: Humility
Every day I'm reminded that I walk by faith, and not by my own selfish ways
I constantly place my eyes upon you, to direct and lead me through
I can't do this by myself
I always fail
Jesus, show me the way
We are the light of earth
And we will never fade x3
We are the light of earth
And we will never fade away
We'll never fade away, we'll never fade
God teach me to be the man you called me to be
Let me leave my foolish ways behind
Shape me to your image like you intended it to be
Let my life reflect Your Glory
We are the light of earth
And we will never fade x3
We are the light of earth
And we will never fade away
We'll never fade away, we'll never fade
Track Name: Earthly Fathers
All these years was a question in the back of my mind, what would it be like?
What would it be like, if you would've stayed in my life?
I would say that I miss you, but I can't miss what I've never known
I used to harbor resentment in my heart, but now I know that you're not the worth the time
I realize I'm better off without you
I will become the man you never could be
All my life I've questioned if you ever were pleased
Was I enough, to fulfill what you expected of me?
I pray the jail cell treats you well x3
All these years was a question in the back of my mind, was I ever good enough?
Track Name: Desperation
I will declare my judgement against them for all their evil in forsaking me
They have made offerings to other gods, and worshipped the works of their own hands

This world is killing itself
All around you see the plague of the human heart
How foolish we are
To think we know more
Than the one who created us
Where will you be when the high wears off
Where will you be when this life fades away
God we need your salvation
God, we need your salvation, reclaim this dying soul
We are desperate for you, Oh Lord
Consume our wretched soul, let us not fall to the deception of the prince of darkness
The prince of darkness

I'm here through your struggle, and I see you in your shame
Your guilt will not prevail over the weight of my blood
My love overpowers any remorse that you feel
I carry your sins with the lashes on my back
Just know that I love you, I always have. I always have.